Kit tanks for city gardens

Kit tanks for city gardens

Domestic Use

Timbertanks wooden water tanks are ideal for home rainwater harvesting systems, for holiday homes without municipal water supply or as an economical supplementary water supply in urban areas.

Timbertanks natural, eco-friendly timber design blends in well into most gardens, and can be stained to match existing landscaping.
A timbertanks water tank arrives as a package which will fit through most gateways, so is ideal for installing in established gardens and landscaping, in city back yards, or on sites without road access.

Water Tank Options (up to 100m³)

We offer a number of tank choices for domestic water storage ranging from 9 cubic metres to 100 cubic metres.

Our standard tanks are built on-site by the Timbertanks team and these can be elevated on a tower if required.

We also offer a DIY kitset option that can be assembled by homeowners. This tank is for smaller volumes (ranging from 9m³ to 35m³) and comes with instructions.


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Water Storage

Recommended capacities

Small holiday home: T10 (10m³)
Large holiday home or small house: T20–T45 (20–45m³)
Medium to large house: T45–T100 (45–100m³)