3000m³ Timbertank constructed for potable water storage in Whitianga

3000m³ Timbertank constructed for potable water storage in Whitianga

Reservoirs and Tanks

Timbertank water reservoirs and large water tanks are a sustainable and cost effective water storage solution for storing drinking water for city and town water supply.

Water Reservoirs (100m³ plus)

Ongoing research and development of manufacturing and construction techniques over the past 30 years has enabled us to build increasingly large water reservoirs.

Capacities currently range from 100 cubic metres to 6,000 cubic metres and we offer a design-build service for unique project requirements.

Large Water Tanks (up to 100m³)

We offer a number of choices for water storage tanks ranging from 9 cubic metres to 100 cubic metres. If required, these tanks may be elevated on a tower. A Timbertank reservoir or water tank has three main components:

  • A timber barrel, built with treated wood (radiata pine) and contained by hot-dipped galvanized steel cables.
  • A liner system, chosen from one of four synthetic plastic liner material options, housed within a polyethylene preliner, hermetically sealing the tank.
  • A structural timber roof, which provides engineering stability, protects the liner and its contents from ultra-violet light.

1 cubic metre = 1,000 litres = 220 imperial gallons = 264 US gallons

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Water Storage

Timbertank Enterprises offers a sustainable building system and low lifecycle cost for reservoirs and tanks.