Fire protection systems require the storage of large amounts of water, which can prove difficult on already developed industrial sites.

The overall design flexibility of a Timbertank reservoir, coupled with the ease of its on-site construction, creates the potential to locate it virtually anywhere within a plant or complex.

Depending on the base area and air space available, options are either small base–tall barrel or wide base–short barrel. And flat-roofed reservoirs can be built inside, under a mezzanine or in a basement.

Reduced insurance premiums

The provision of firefighting facilities can reduce insurance premiums significantly. A Timbertank has an official Fire Resistance Rating of 1.5 hours.

Significant Timbertank firefighting reservoir installations to date are found at chemical and wood processing plants throughout New Zealand as well as a number of shopping malls.


Storage tanks – moveable, expandable  


More huge tanks than anyone else  


Water Storage

Timbertank reservoirs can be designed and built to fit almost any space with ease, either tall and narrow or short and wide.