Timbertanks in use in a residential environment

Timbertanks in use in a residential environment

About Us

The Timbertank originated in 1972 when company founder, architect Morton Jordan, was required to provide adequate water storage for a beach house project dependant on rain water collection for water supply and where restricted access meant it was not possible to bring in a pre-cast tank. He devised a tank which did not have a solid floor but had a wood stave barrel to support and protect the liner which contained the water and was roofed to protect from contamination and sunlight.

The tank excited considerable interest from other property owners and from civil engineering colleagues who like Morton realised the potential of this simple structure. While the original 50,000 litre tank is still in operation a continuous programme of research and development has seen the Timbertank evolve into large and sophisticated storage tanks with capacities of 3 million litres for community supply.

Timbertank Enterprises Ltd. is a family company. Morton Jordan, who has been Managing Director since it's inception, has recently handed over the reigns to his two sons, Justin and Giles, ensuring continuity of expert and experienced service.


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