Local labour was used to build a Timbertank in Vanuatu

Local labour was used to build a Timbertank in Vanuatu

The Advantages of a Timbertank

A comparison of Timbertank wooden water tanks and reservoirs with options such as coated steel or prestressed concrete tanks highlight the inherent advantages of the Timbertanks design.

  1. Any site, any size: Timbertank wood reservoirs and tanks can be assembled anywhere – in remote and difficult locations, using local labour (under supervision) and with hand tools only.
  2. The initial construction cost is lower.
  3. Timbertanks wood tanks require minimal maintenance compared with the cost of painting steel every 5 or 10 years or the leakage issues associated with concrete.
  4. The on-site construction time of a Timbertank is considerably faster:
    Timbertank wood tank construction 1 to 2 weeks
    Welded steel 4 to 5 months
    Reinforced concrete 6 to 7 months
  5. All wooden components are protected from termite attack.
  6. The life expectancy of a Timbertank wood water tank can exceed that of concrete and steel due to their ease of serviceability.
  7. Earthquake and cyclone (hurricane) resistance is proven in practice throughout the Pacific and South-East Asia regions.
  8. Timbertanks perform well in many climates.
  9. Timbertank wood reservoirs and tanks can be readily dismantled and transported for re-erection at another location if required.
  10. All components are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment, packed and transported to site.
  11. The Timbertanks system is the only truly sustainable choice. The wood used is plantation–grown and therefore a renewable resource, while the energy consumption from raw material to operational Timbertank is minimal when compared to that of both concrete and steel. In short, we tie up more carbon than we actually generate, resulting in a negative–low carbon footprint.
  12. The architecturally-designed Timbertank water tank has a pleasing natural aesthetic appearance and will enhance projects such as golf courses, resorts and other rural tourist locations.

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