Fixing roof liner - Te Kauwhata, 1500m³

Fixing roof liner - Te Kauwhata, 1500m³


Of the three major material components in a Timbertank, timber makes up 95% with the remainder being liners and steel cables.

Treated timber

All timber used is CCA treated pine sourced from local plantation-grown pinus radiata.

The level of CCA treatment has been determined to ensure long-term resistance to termite and fungal attack. In fact the levels used are well in excess of those required to provide protection against termites.

These measures are supported by the International Research Group on Wood Preservation in the United States, together with reviews by the Commonwealth Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of Australia and the Forestry Research Institute of New Zealand.


The liner is essentially the heart of the Timbertank concept. Since the company was founded in the early 1970s, we have utilised liner fabrics for potable water which meet World Health and American Water and Waste Water Association criteria.

We now offer a range of liner materials specifically developed for the storage of a wide variety of liquids, from potable water to agricultural and horticultural chemigation solutions and aggressive chemicals such as acids, toxic timber preservation solutions and industrial waste products.

In the course of this ongoing product development, we have accumulated considerable knowledge and experience working alongside engineers and consultants on a wide variety of industrial and local authority projects and installations and new applications for Timbertanks are continually being developed.

Steel cables

Our hot-dipped galvanized steel cables have been chosen for their strength, flexibility and robustness. The single size, wire stranded core cables are fastened together around the barrel of the Timbertank with customised cable grips.

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All Timbertanks materials are extensively tested to ensure they meet exacting standards.