Design plan

Design plan


Timbertank tanks and reservoirs have three main components:

  1. A timber barrel, built with treated radiata pine and contained by hot-dipped galvanized steel cables.
  2. A liner system, chosen from one of four synthetic plastic liner material options, housed within a polyethylene preliner.
  3. A structural timber roof, which provides engineering stability, is hermetically sealed and protects the liner and its contents from ultra-violet light and external contamination.

Tower Tanks

Timbertanks may be constructed on a tower platform for use as pressure/header tanks or for aesthetic reasons. The maximum capacity tank for constructing on a tower is 100 cubic metres.


Low Life Cycle Costs  


Storage tanks – moveable, expandable  


Building & Service

Timbertanks are carefully designed for all environments and can withstand extreme weather conditions.