The original Timbertank at the West Coast beach property in Piha.

The original Timbertank at the West Coast beach property in Piha.

Company history

The Timbertank originated in 1972, when architect Morton Jordan designed an easily transportable tank to provide water storage to a beach house property on New Zealand’s West Coast.

Restricted access prevented the installation of a precast concrete tank, so Morton devised a wood stave barrel to support and protect a liner that contained the water. The barrel did not have a solid floor but was roofed to protect it from contamination and sunlight.

While this original 50,000 litre tank is still in use, much research and development has seen the Timbertank evolve over the years to increasingly large and sophisticated storage tanks.

Today Timbertank reservoirs are built to contain up to 6 million litres and more of potable water for community supply, while others Timbertanks are used for progressively innovative applications outside of the traditional water storage domain.

Company founder Morton Jordan recently retired and his sons Justin and Giles continue to run the business, both having many years of experience and service expertise working within the company.


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